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About Us

Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway

Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway is a non-profit private membership camping club located on 588 acres of forest land surrounding the Lake Merwin Reservoir. Access to the lake is limited to members and their guests. Public Access is not permitted. This property was purchased and is owned by Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway. Incorporated in June of 1971 and developed in 1972, LMCH has been a successful retreat for its members and an integral part of the surrounding community.  LMCH offers its members a peaceful retreat from the pressures of everyday life.  Either as a homebase for the RV enthusiast, or an inexpensive vacation spot for the active family.  LMCH Provides an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. The member association is governed by an elected, seven-person board of directors.  Our fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31.

Once you purchase your site, members have exclusive rights of use to a specific campsite to enjoy camping and recreational privileges offered by the club. Campsites are equipped with 30amp/120 volt electrical outlet, a frost-proof water supply line, and may have a black water tank. On this site, a member may use or store up to a 40 foot RV. In addition, the member may build a deck up to 750sqft,  a 256 sqft of sunroom, a 44 x 30ft roof over their RV, a shed up to 200 sq ft, and a fire pit. Members may use their sites for unlimited day use and a maximum of 234 non consecutive overnight stays per year. Each member may own and use up to three membership sites, however the total overnight stays of all memberships combined cannot exceed the 234 overnight stay rule.  RVs may remain on-site year around.
LMCH recreational facilities include a indoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi, Restaurant, Fitness center, Chapel, a boat launch and moorage, 35 bathhouses, 2 laundromats, swim beach, putt-putt golf course, playground, two tennis/ basketball courts, one covered picnic area. Please see the Facilities page for more information.

Activities abound at LMCH some of the notable events are the dances, papa bear outdoor theater, Waterfront poker run, bingo, craft fair, putt putt golf tournaments, and more.  Name the holiday and LMCH has activities for you to participate in! From pumpkin carving to visits by the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus there is plenty of excitement for the kids.   Please see the events calendar for details.   You may also want to check out the Activities page for more information and how to volunteer.

Welcome to Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway, commonly called the Hideaway. And it is just that!
Less than fifty miles north of Portland and about 100 miles south of Seattle, it offers one of the very few private opportunities to get out into the beautiful Pacific Northwest’s forests, wildlife, and lakes. Membership in the Hideaway is desired by many, and the 1500 dedicated campsite memberships give it the financial base to be successful and provide services to each and every campsite. 

It is affordable for us regular folk who love the escape that the Hideaway provides while at the same time offering amenities that make it a great place for children, teens, and adults of all ages. Our indoor swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub make those cloudy, damp Northwest days manageable. Putt-putt golf is a great recreation opportunity as are the two tennis courts and the mega-playground equipment for the youngsters.
Because of our location on 13-mile long Lake Merwin, boating and swimming are immensely popular. We maintain a large moorage where members may rent slips. Whether it’s year-round fishing, water skiing, napping on your pontoon boat, picnicking along the many locations shore side, or enjoying swimming and barbecuing at our waterfront swim area, lake recreation cannot be better. Because there is very limited public access to the lake, you enjoy an uncrowded experience when on the water.

Hiking along the miles and miles of roadways (even jogging by some) interrupts the deer and other wildlife, but you are communing with them. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as watching the fawning season in spring. If so inclined, you can experience non-denominational church services (both at the inside or the outside chapel), and may have the deer looking in through the windows while you sing while looking at Mt. St. Helens.

A Board of Directors is elected from among the membership that develops the vision and policies to capture that vision. The Board hires a Camp Manager who then takes these Board decisions and implements these services, guiding an outstanding maintenance, resales, and office staff. Committees are chaired by members, and this is where your volunteerism can first be put to use. You’ll love the camaraderie that committee involvement provides. As President, I’m so proud of the Hideaway, its staff and volunteers, and the members who simply come to retreat.


Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway 
          Directions to Find Us 
1-866-207-9262     Office: 360-247-5589     Sales: 360 247-5940
24706 NE Columbia Tie Road  Amboy, Washington 98601  
e-mail: office@lmch.com     
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