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Local Area
About 8 miles west of the Columbia Tie Road and Cedar Creek Road
intersection you will find the Cedar Creek Grist Mill. If you haven’t
been there, it is a must see. The Grist Mill was built in 1876, and
off and on through various different owners, continued to mill flour
until 1912 at which time the Grist Mill was converted to a machine
shop for the logging industry. In 1980 the Grist Mill had changed
hands several times from the original owners to the State of
Washington, to the Fort Vancouver Historical Society and was
registered as a historical place. In1980 a group of local residents
decided to save and restore the old Grist Mill.

Today the Grist Mill is open Saturdays from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
and Sundays from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. The mill grinds Wheat,
Red Western Wheat and Cornmeal. Head down and pickup
some Red Western Wheat Flour and plan buttermilk pancakes
for breakfast, you won’t be sorry. 


Don't Miss the Big Events
  • End of June - Cakes and Cookies - With whole grain flours. Everything that's healthy AND delicious.
  • End of July - Blueberry Festival. - We'll be sampling blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup.
  • End of Aug - Cornbread Day - Test taste all the varieties of cornbread we can devise. 
  • End of Sep - Bread and Butter making - Help us churn Sweet Cream
  • End of Oct - Apple Cidar Pressing (Click for more Info) the biggest event of the year
  • More Info:  Cedar Creek Gristmill Website   
    Map:          Map to Event


    Chelatchie Praire Railroad

    The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad is also known as the Battle Ground, Yacolt
    and Chelatchie Prairie Railroad and dates  back to about 1886. The
    station is located on NE Railroad Ave, just south of Yacolt Road. There
    are several trips including a 12 mile round trip ride starting in Yacolt to
    Chelatchie Prairie, a trip from Yacolt to Moulton Falls which includes
    Cliffside views of the Lewis River and a 330 foot solid rock tunnel. Fares
    Range from $8.00 - $15.00 for adults, $5.00 - $12.00 for children 5-12,
    under 5 are free and Seniors run $7.00 - $14.00.  

    More Info:   Railroad Website <Top>
    Events:       May through Dec
    Map:           Map to Event


     Amboy Territorial Days





    The 2nd week of July is Amboy Territorial Days, a celebration of the town’s
    founding. For all day fun, start in the morning with the Territorial Days
     Parade. Then move on to the fair grounds for food booths, craft booths,
    a logging  show, lawn mower races, live entertainment, and a carnival.
    Amboy Territorial Days is great family fun and an experience worth enjoying.

    More Info:   Territorial Days Website       <Top>
    Events:       Event Schedule
    Map:           Map to Event


    Woodland Tulip Festival


    Fun for all ages! View tulip fields and our custom planted show field with
    over 60 tulip varieties in bloom. Stroll through our display garden planted
     thousands spring flowering bulbs ranging from tulips, hyacinths, daffodils,
    muscari, crocus and other specialty varieties. Our display garden is unique
    because we use our instant gardening method to exhibit all spring
    flowering types at the same time despite their different bloom times.

    More Info:   Tulip Festival Website        <Top>
    Events:       Month of April
    Map:           Map to Event


    Located off Lucia Falls Road outside of Yacolt you will find Pomeroy Living
    History Farm. The farm depicts farm life in the 1920’s in a pre-electric age
    and has been owned by the same family since 1910, and is on the National
    Register of Historic Places. The farm is open to the public the first full
    weekend of each month, June through September. Activities center
    around the 2 story, 6 bedroom log house of the Pomeroy family, and
    includes daily chores on an old time farm such as grinding grain, washing
    clothes, feeding and watering livestock, and making ropes. There is a
    working blacksmith shop, barn, herb garden, vegetable gardens, pastures
    and woodlot.
    More Info:  Pomeroy Farm Website   <Top>  
    May           Herb Festival
    October     Pumpkin Festival
    Events:      Year Round Events 
    Map:          Map to Event

    Map:         Map to Event


    Cedar Creek Grist Mill
    The Johnston Ridge
    Observatory sits on a
    bluff just 5-1/2 miles
    from the crater at an
    elevation of 4,314 feet
    and offers grand views
    of Mt. St. Helens and
    muchof the 1980 blast
    zone. This visitor center
    is the closest you can
    get to the mountain
    by car.

    More Info:  
    St. Hellen Website
    Event:   Anytime when Good Weather


    Mt. Tum Tum

    Indian Encampment

    The week before Amboy
    Territorial Days (1st week
    of July)is the Mount Tum
    Tum Indian Encampment
    held at theAmboy fair
    grounds. The Encampment
    features Craft Stands,
    great food, and Native
    American Dancing. 
    Begaining of July - 1st
    weekend before
    Terratorial Days

     More Info:
     Mt. Tum_Tum Website  
    Event: First Week in July

    North Clark
    Historical Museum

    The North Clark Historical
    Museum is located in
    Amboyin the old church
    next to the fairgrounds.
    It contains American
    Indian culture, local
    pioneer heritage and

    The Museum is open
    12:00- 4:00pm 

    More info: 
    Museum Website
    Mid Aug- Folk Festival
    1st Friday ea month
    Open Mic

    Hulda Klager
    Lilac Gardens

    Each year, thousands of
    visitors step back in time
    to discover the 1880's
    Victorian farmhouse
    and country garden that
    comprise the Hulda
    Klager Lilac Gardens, a
    national historic site.

    More info:  
    Liacgardens Website
    Events:   April & May
    Map:     Map to Event

     Battle Ground

    More Info:
    Cinema Website                          
     Map to Event




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