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Meet our Staff
                         MEET OUR AMAZING TEAM!

 Camp Manager



Matt Gomes - Facilities Manager

Matt joined us in October of 2017. He brings over 25 years of facility, grounds maintenance and management experience.

 He hase worked in the private  and public sector, working with both for profit and non profit companies.


You can reach Matt at mgomes@lmch.com
Kathy Evey – Office Manager
Kathy joined us in September of 2017. She has been a member of Lmch and has been involved in many camp activies as the Activities Chair.

She brings excellent experience in cutomer service and organization with her.

You can reach Kathy by email at kevey@lmch.com

Gayle Kennedy – Membership Secretary
Gayle has been with the Hideaway since 1988 in the position of Membership
Secretary. This is more than a career to Gayle, the Hideaway is her passion and she has invested many years dedicated to our Members who have all come to love her. She is a HUGE asset to our team! Gayle is full of stories and history of how the Hideaway has become the wonderful place that it is. Gayle is funny and has a huge heart and we are grateful for her every day! 

Gayle and her husband have raised two incredible daughters, both of
which have also worked at the Hideaway. Her daughter Emily currently works
at the pool. In her down time, she enjoys spending time at her beach house with her family. 

You can reach Gayle by email at gayle@lmch.com
Debby Loundagin - Assistant Membership Secretary
Debby began working part time at the office in the spring of 2003 and began working full time in 2007.  Debby is responsible for creating our weekly editions of Things-N-Stuff. Debby has a very creative side and is actively involved singing Barbershop in her Quartet and Chorus "The Sweet Adelines" as well as a multitude of other activities. Debby is another big asset to our team, with her infectious smile and humor. She is a huge animal lover and her dog Roxy (Roo) can sometimes be seen on Wednesday and Thursday at the office, working hard at greeting our members with a smile (or a woof).

You can reach Debby by email at debby@lmch.com
Lisa Joerin-Finance Manager

Lisa joined our team in 2015 as the Finance Manager. She is a CPA who owns her own firm with multiple locations, she is also a member. Lisa is passionate about the Hideaway and spends her time working diligently on the finances for our camp. Lisa brings a great deal of knowledge and experience from the accounting world and is dedicated to the future of the Hideaway. She is a kind and giving soul, with an extremely humorous side. She is the perfect fit for our team and we appreciate all her hard work.

In her downtime, she enjoys spending her time with her husband and son, quilting or exploring the beautiful northwest. You can reach Lisa by email at finance@lmch.com


Lonn Reid – Head of Security
Lonn began his journey here at the Hideaway in 1988 as a pool attendant, he then worked maintenance for a short time before becoming our full
time Security person in 1990.  He enjoys playing the drums and has
headed up many of the "Jam Sessions" here at the Hideaway.
Jack Reid - Security 
Jack joined us as Seasonal Security in early 2014.
Dave Davey - Security
Dave has been volunteer security at the Hideaway for several years. He became seasonal part time Security at the end of 2012. 
                                      Maintenance Staff

 (Pictured L-R) Wade Weimer, Debby Hughes, Gene Winders, Donny Williams, Brian Asburry, Christine Adams, Darren Tveidt. (not pictured-Holly Bryson)
Gene Winders - Lead Maintenance  
Gene began at LMCH in 2006.  He directs the maintenance team,  delivers gravel and works on power and water and many other various projects.  He retired from the family auto body business and turned it over to his son.  On his off time he enjoys raising his Black Angus Cattle and running his farm. 
Brian Asburry - Maintenance II 
Brian was hired as a full time addition to the Maintenance crew in 2011. He previously worked as Part time security and part time maintenance before coming on as full time.
Wade Weimer - Maintenance I  
Wade started in 2005 as a Pool Attendant and then joined the Maintenance crew in 2006.  Wade is newly married and enjoys spending time with his wife.
Debby Hughes - Maintenance  II
Debby began in 2007 as a part time maintenance person. She became full time in 2012.  When she is not working here at the Hideaway, she is busy working around her farm. 
Donny Williams - Maintenance I . Donny joined us in the spring of 2014 as a part time/ Seasonal employee. He was hired on as a full time employee in April of 2016
Holly Bryson (not pictured) - Maintenance I  Holly joined us in the Spring of 2016 as a part time/seasonal employee and was hired on as a full a full time employee in October of 2017. 

                                    Pool Staff
Susan Hurt - Pool Attendant
Susan was hired in 2010. She is a bus Driver for Evergreen District and works at the pool during the summer, school holidays and occasional weekends throughout the school year.  She enjoys Quilting and other crafts, as well as spending time with her family and grandchildren.
Emily Kennedy - Pool Attendant
Emily joined us in May 2014. If she looks Familiar, it's because she is, she has been around the Hideaway since she was a small child, her sister Erin also worked at the pool during her High School years and her Mom is Gayle who works in the front office.
 Allie Cameron - Pool Attendant
 Allie joined us in July 2017

Amy Kinnan - Pool Attendant
Amy joined us at the end of the season in 2012. She is actively involved with the Girl Scouts. 

 Membership Sales

Sandy Lehman - Sales Person
Sandy and her husband Jon have been members since 1984 and are very active with volunteer security and activities. When not working in the sales office, she is running her travel agency or relaxing at her site.

You can reach Sandy by email at slehman@lmch.com or by phone at 
Dave Allmaras - Sales Person
Dave and Dena have been LMCH members since 1975. He has witnessed the hideaway's development from infancy to where it is today. Dave is retired and enjoys spending time here at the hideaway with his wife and grandchildren.  Dave has been active with our sales department since 2008.

You can reach Dave by email at dallmaras@lmch.com or by phone at
Margot Jodoin - Sales Person
Margot is not new to the Hideaway, she and her husband bought their first site in 1995. Margot has a background in Hospitality and Real Estate.

When she's not working or volunteering, you will more than likely find her on the lake!

You can reach Margot by email at mjodoin@lmch.com or by phone at 

Meet our LMCH Office Greeters-Our office dogs love their job of greeting members and generating smiles!

                                                     Roxy Roo


Gabby                                                      Leo
 2005-2016                                               2017



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